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Samaria {Singer + Song Writer}

“My family always said I was 13 going on 37,” she says with a laugh. “I was a very emotional kid, but rough around the edges.” Born in Oakland, Samaria divided her time between both her mother’s and father’s homes, often moving around with her mother who was an aspiring singer. “I love where I’m from,” she says of the Bay Area. “I honestly believe the Bay cultivated a lot of who I am as a person: my tomboy style, my lingo, how I write my music.” She attended school in the prestigious Berkeley thanks to using her grandmother’s address as she lived out of zone, and was known as the smart student who was always in hot water. “I had this sass to me,” she recalls. “I was always in the principal’s office. I was always in trouble, but I was a kid who was a little too wise beyond her years.” A fan of ‘90s R&B (thanks to long road trips with her mom), Samaria took in the classic New Jack Swing Era while listening to modern-day heroines like Keyshia Cole….